Better communication for teams

Askly improves your teamwork with recurring questions and answers so that everyone is always up to date without having to have long meetings. This is a great support especially for remote teams or teams in home office.

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Structure your working day

Use the recurring questions as a support to organize your working day. Thinking about the answer can help you to have a better overview about your to do's. In this way you are able to work more productive and efficent.

Update each other

While working on a project it's very important to keep everyone informed. By answering the questions you show everyone what you are working on and you can also see what your colleagues are doing. In this way your colleagues and you get a better understanding for each others workload and it's easier to react if someone needs help or a project is going in a wrong direction.

Faster progress with new insights

As the team leader you can have a quick overview about everything that's going on. You can filter the answers in a explicit period of time to analyse the progress of a project. By seeing all the tasks of your team members, the milestones and overdues you can manage your teams and projects more accurate.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a workspace?

A workspace organizes members together so that you can ask them questions more easily. So it makes sense to put people together who will answer similar questions because they’re working on the same project or in the same department.

Who is allowed to create a new workspace or question?

When you sign up for the account you are the owner of the company account. As owner you are able to invite new members, create workspaces and questions and you can appoint other member as admin. Admins are also allowed to create workspaces, questions and invite new members to a workspace but they’re not allowed to make any changes to the company account or even delete it.

Which settings can I make for a question?

All questions will be asked regulary. So you can decide if this will be daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. You can decide on wich day and time exactly this will be.

How can I delete or edit an answer?

You can delete or edit every answer by clicking the edit icon in the right corner of every single question.

How can I invite members to the workspace?

As the owner of the company account or admin you are allowed to invite members. You can do that when creating a new workspace. There you can invite members who have already signed up for askly but you can also invite people who don't have an account yet. In this case you just type down their mail address and they will get notified for sign up. Once they have created their account they will be automatically added to the workspace.

Will I get notifitcations when someone posted an answer?

Yes, you can activate this option in your settings. It is also possible to only be notified of new questions for you.